Unveil the wonders surrounding the BLOC Camp Site

About 5 kilometers from the BLOC Camp Site is the Pueblo El Salvador Eco Park. It is the gateway to the vertical trek going down to the Cavinti Falls, formerly known as Pagsanjan Falls. Fee is P270/pax only (including harness) for 2x rappel and the balsa ride going to the cave behind passing under the thundering falls. The best time to go there is in morning, before checking-in to the BLOC Camp Site.

A more affordable option is to go picnic at the Bumbungan River Eco-park also in the morning before checking-in to the BLOC Camp Site. Guests can take a bath at the man-made mini water-falls or swim at the river. Fees are really minimal, P10 or p15 only per pax.

The Japanese Garden is also cheap, P10 per pax only. This is good for solitude walk or a group picnic at the park. This can be done before checking-in in the morning or other check-out in the afternoon from the BLOC Camp Site.

The now famous Hulugan Falls is just a 20minute drive from the BLOC Camp Site. A 45 minutes to 1 hour trek will be needed to reach the foot at the thundering falls. This trip is ideal upon checking out from the BLOC Camp Site. Calminque or Ninja Falls and/or Sumacab Twin Falls which are also near the BLOC Camp Site can serve as the alternatives to the Hulugan Falls. The old but still very refreshing Taytay (Majayjay) Falls is less than an hour drive and just a five minute trek. Fee here are also just very minimal. There are still other water falls destinations and eco parks around but will take more than an hour drive already.

Recently discovered and still not yet vandalized is the Cavinti Underground River and Cave Complex. A Local Guide can accompany you for this nature-adventure trip. It will require a 4×4 truck rough terrain ride to go there and then a harness complete with caving lights to explore this nature wonder. The best time to do this is in the morning after checking out from the BLOC Camp Site.

For the easiest leisure adventure, we recommend the Lake-Island-Hopping Boat Tour offered by the local Boatmen. This can be done upon arrival and checking-in at the BLOC Camp Site or really much better early in the morning before checking out from the BLOC Camp Site. Aside from the island-hopping boating where tourists can also go fishing or swimming, a side-trip to the a Secret River is available without any additional cost, You can experience and enjoy cliff-jumping or better yet cliff-diving into this cool water river.

Last but not the least, the Picnic River. Only a short nature-adventure trek from the BLOC Camp Site is an undiscovered River ideal for a picnic. Yes, you can also swim and dive here but only for the entry level divers. If your group wants to travel and arrive early before the standard check-in time. This activity is a good way to kill time before Glamping.